Cuba on the Road

They say shooting in Cuba is a joke, that you don't even need to look into the viewfinder, because wherever you point, your camera is going to do a great job on its own.
It's because of the beatiful, ancient and rundown architecture that makes Cuba look like a movie set in the '50s. It's because of the beauty of Cuban people. Or is it the splendour of Cuban nature?

Honestly, I don't know what it is. What I know it's that taking pictures in Cuba is great fun and very rewarding. Now, see for yourself whether it was worth snapping this ones.


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(Orishas - 2000)

Name a missing colour
Taxi along Malecon and skyline
Street of Havana
Red Chrome Chevrolet
Havana Colours
Old 50s red car in La Habana
Cubans travelling on truck along highway
View over Viñales Mogotes
View over Viñales countryside
Crossroad and power cables in Camagüey
Rundown block of flat in Havana
Road with colourful buildings in Habana Centro
People in Camagüey
Typical Cuban car in Camagüey
Havana Aqua Color
Guy in sidecar in Camagüey
Cool vintage car through wide angle
Typical pastel color 50s car in Havana
A doggy and his painted alter ego in Camagüey
Close to sunset in Plaza San Juan de Dios, in Camagüey
Propaganda poster with Che Guevara near Viñales
Cuban guy in Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana
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