My Cubachrome Roll

They say that taking photos in Cuba is a breeze, that you don't even need to look through the viewfinder, as your camera will capture stunning shots no matter where you point it.

It could be because of the picturesque, crumbling architecture that gives Cuba the feel of a 1950s film set. Or perhaps it's the striking beauty of the Cuban people and the splendor of its nature.

Truthfully, I'm not entirely sure what it is about Cuba that makes photography so effortless. All I know is that taking pictures in Cuba is an exhilarating, enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience.


Red Chrome Chevrolet

Red Polished Chrome
This must be the classic of the classics.
And it reminds me of some Jim Morrison's lyrics from the album "An American Prayer".

Name a missing colour

Any Colour You Like
See if you can spot any missing colours.

Old 50s red car in La Habana

Old Red Car
A residual of the US legacy riding down the streets of Havana.

Taxi along Malecon and skyline

Havana Skyline with Taxi
Snapped this one along El Malecon de La Habana de Cuba.
The reason why I'm fond of this photo is because it's then that I realized I was turning from casual travel photographer to street photographer. Amen.

Havana Colours

Havana Colours United
A glimpse of Havana by the Malecon in full colours.

Typical Cuban car in Camagüey

Vintage Blue Car
A fancy old car parked in Camagüey.

Cool vintage car through wide angle

Comics Car
Sometimes cars are so bizarre, it feels like being in Motor Toon City.

Street of Havana with Capital dome view.

Havana Mid Day
Turning around corners in Havana.

Havana Aqua Color

Aqua de Cuba
An abundance of pastel colours versus the dominant run-down-ess of most everything, in Caribbean style.

Rundown block of flat in Havana

Triumph of Decadence
Too many buildings in La Habana are in such condition.
There is no money to restructure, so crashes and accidents are often on the agenda.

Road with colourful buildings in Habana Centro

Havana Road
Colourful architecture of La Habana taken from a balcony.

A doggy and his painted alter ego in Camagüey

Dog on the Wall
A lucky and funny coincidence found in Camagüey.

Crossroad and power cables in Camagüey

Information Technology State of the Art
Phone lines tangle in Camagüey.

Cubans travelling on truck along highway

Truck of Life
Cubans going to work along La Carretera Central de Cuba.
Trucks are the most common transportations for people that can't afford public transport.

The jeweler shop and their ferocious watchdog.

The Jeweler
The jeweler shop and their ferocious watchdog.

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