Clues of Absence

I had to pick up something a friend had left for me in this house. A man opened the door and greeted me with, "Hi, don't mind the mess."

I stepped inside and took in the semi-abandoned state of the beautiful, spacious apartment in a wealthy area of Rome, realizing that its days of grandeur must have been long gone. Everything was scattered about, but with a sense of intentional disarray.

My initial thought was, "I need to take some photos here." The disorder and neglect of the place reminded me of shooting in the streets.

Fortunately, the tenant didn't mind me hanging around and taking pictures, as long as I didn't take too long. So I took advantage of his kindness right away.

I didn't dare move anything from its place, not even opening a shutter to let in more light. I wanted the place to look as candid and untouched as it was. As if no one was there, not even the photographer.

And thus, my first unplanned series was born, entitled "Clues of Absence." The irony of it all, the beauty of the decay, the nostalgia in the air, all captured candidly, in a way that only the unplanned can be.

Clues of Absence 3

Clue 1
The Departure.

Clues of Absence 7

Clue 2
The Undone Bed.

Clues of Absence 5

Clue 3
The Unattended Kitchen.

Clues of Absence 6

Clue 4
The Unfinished Breakfast.

Clues of Absence 4

Clue 5
The Dried Flowers.

Picture from Clues of Absence series.

Clue 6
The Empty Corridor.

Clues of Absence 1

Clue 7
The Absent Friend.

Clues of Absence 9

Clue 8
The Ghost.

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