In addition to being a wonderful country, Cuba has the Cubans. As trivial as this statement may seem, I think that to understand this unique and mysterious place it is crucial to know its inhabitants. People who have everything on paper but that really have nothing in real life. If not the pride of being Cuban.
In this reportage I wanted to paint the ordinary cuban. The Cuban who is struggling everyday to get to tomorrow. You won't find any beautiful Lolitas here, nor the desperate faces of those who have lost everything, social assistance included.
Viva el pueblo de Cuba.


Recommended listening:
Mi Guajira
Israel Cachao

Habaneros I While chatting with some friends just met in the streets.

Habaneros I
While chatting with some friends just met in the streets.

Traditional board game in Cuba.

National pastime

Action going on down the street of La Habana

Havana is much like a movie set. 24/7.

Workers unloading a truck full of potatoes.

Whole Lotta Potatoes
Two guys about to unload their truck full of potato sacks under a ferociously beating sun in Havana.

Two friends talking in the street

Comandante: Che Guevara
A strong iconic visual commands above everything else.

Kid with a toy gun in the street

Inglorious Bastards

People in Camagüey

One more movie set. Except is ordinary, real life.

Beautiful young girl in Trinidad de cuba

Black Magic Woman
A beautiful young girl in Trinidad.

Two twin girls on a cycle taxi in Havana.

Twins or Mannequins?
On a bicitaxi in Havana.

Kids playing baseball in the streets of Trinidad de CubaKids playing baseball in the streets of Trinidad de Cuba

Sunset Inning
Differently from other Latin Americans countries, where football (soccer) is practised the most, baseball is by far the most popular sport in Cuba. That's because of US influence in the past. Shot in Trinidad.

Old man in Havana

Old Man
Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were.
(Will I be a lot like you are?)

Old woman scanning the garbage dumpster.

The Scavenger
Old lady scanning a garbage dumpster in Havana.

Old man in Trinidad de Cuba

The Latin Lover
He doesn't care about owning nothing, because he's still a very handsome and wanted man.

A man on his balcony in Havana

La Maravilla
La Maravilla (The Wonder) is the name of this absolutely run-down building in the centre of Havana.
This guy, fiddling with something on his balcony, doesn't seem to be so wondered whatsoever, though.

Man playing trumpet for money

In Tune. In Tone.

Fruit vendor in Camagüey

The Fruit Vendor
From the streets of Camagüey.

Havana People

Havana People

Girl in Camagüey

Streets of Camagüey

Young habanero with his canned Mococa

Is junk food better than nothing?

Woman in sweets shop

At the Sweets Shop

Little kid learning street life

Street Lesson
This kid's eyes tell a story. The street is the place where children learn.

Woman buying fruit in Camagüey, Cuba.

At the Fruit Stand

Havana old Guy

Havana Old Guy
And you weep, and despair, and complain...
Then you realize there’s always someone who is worse off than yourself.

Havana Hermana. The girl with faraway eyes.

Havana Hermana
The girl with faraway eyes.

People in a room from outside a window in Camagüey, Cuba.

The Meeting
Taken in Camagüey.

Tattoed Head in Havana

The Guy with the Tattoed Head.

Havana doggy

Havana Doggy
Something peculiar about Cuba is that all dogs are small. Probably big dogs don't stand much of a chance to be fed.

Hungry young kids in La Habana

Habaneros III
Hungry children trying to get some food in Havana.

Cubans going to work on top of a truck

Hey! Ho! Let's go!
Cubans going to work on top of a truck.

People from Havana

Habaneros II
With pride and a straight back, despite anything.

Young guy in the back seat of a car.

Cuban Composure

Guy in sidecar in Camagüey

Red Sidecar
Relaxing in a Camagüey style.

Cuban vaquero in Trinida

El Vaquero
Shot in Trinidad.

Farmer riding on an ox driven jalopy

The Farmer
Campesino on an ox pulled weird and wheel-less jalopy (a plow, actually) in a road around Vinales.

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