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Hi, and welcome to my portfolio site.
My name is Massimo Künstler. I’m an expert art director, graphic designer & photographer in Rome, offering creative solutions for brands and individuals, to help them drive more business, and yes, to boost their social networks content. Please, scroll down in.

Featured Projects

Hotel Majestic Roma Website - Screen 2

Hotel Majestic Roma Website
Web Design Project

Hotel Majestic Roma website design is one of my latest projects where I took care of mostly everything: information architecture, design, photography and texts. Take a look.


Keyline Thumbnail

Rebranding Project

In this massive project, we took care of the company's total rebranding, from new logo design to corporate guidelines manual, product brochures, packaging, trade-shows stands, websites system, merchandising, institutional communication, world adv campaign and a lot more.


Designer Calendar March page

Bianchi 1770 Calendar
Graphic Design

This poster sized calendar is one of many institutional pieces, part of of the project of global rebranding for the Bianchi 1770 Holding.


Reflecting Windows

Reflecting Windows
Ongoing project about my daydreams.

When I happen to be downtown in Rome, rather than getting overwhelmed by the goods displayed in the shop's windows, I just look up. To discover the unusual in the ephemeral of poetic dreams.


Clues of Absence 3

Clues of Absence
Photographic Series

"I stepped in and looked around realising that’s a semi-abandoned house. A beautiful, huge apartment in a wealthy area of Rome, but its days of glory must have faded a long time since. Everything in there was scattered all over the places, but with a feel of controlled disorder."


Life in the Arizona desert

Photographic Series

Selected pictures from my road trip through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California, namely The South West of United States of America. Hand held camera and 16:9 crop.


Derive Approdi Thumbnail

Derive Approdi
Editorial Design

Derive Approdi is a philosophical journal, I designed in 1993. Today I'm still very fond of this work, because it served to demonstrate the importance of graphic design in context fruition, where hitherto such works arose in almost improvised, thanks to volunteering of persons having more good will than graphics expertise.



Majestic Hotel Roma
Single Shots Photo Gallery

This is the story of how a street photographer, which is usually involved in depicting the crudity of uncharming street life, can turn into a fashionable food & lifestyle photographer, that shoots photos with the only purpose of making everyone drooling.


Street party

Streets of Roma
Single Shots Ongoing Project

This project is for me to learn what it is that really catches my eyes when I wander around the city I live in. I imposed myself to start this study, and to keep it open and ongoing, in the hope, one day, my city and I will start getting along together better.


Sketches of Indonesia Thumbnail

Sketches of Indonesia
Photo Reportage

Let me take you through the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores and Sulawesi. With their volcanoes, countryside, jungles, seasides, traditions, and the people of Indonesia.


Cubanos Thumbnail

Photo Reportage

In addition to being a wonderful country, Cuba has the Cubans. As trivial as this statement may seem, I think that to understand this unique and mysterious place it is crucial to know its inhabitants. People who have everything on paper but that really have nothing in real life. If not the pride of being Cuban.


Coming down from Atlas mountains

Morocco Road Trip
Photo Reportage

Pictures from my road trip throughout Morocco. From Casablanca to Essaouira, Marrakech, Dades and Todra Valleys, Erg Chebbi desert, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tangeri.


The Tree Shadow (Plus Complement)

Foot Loose
Random Takes

This is a mix of heterogeneous shots, taken in different parts of the world, that don't belong to any series, or that I didn't want to include in other series, therefore they're free, foot loose.


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Small Archive
Graphic Design

This section gathers a bunch of different graphic design projects of various nature that, in my opinion, made it through the time, for some good or bad reason. Have a look.


Massimo Künstler - Creative Solutions Expert

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