Keyline SpA is an innovative, market leader, Italian company operating worldwide in the field of design and production of keys and key cutting machines.

In this massive project, we took care of the company's total rebranding, from new logo design to corporate guidelines manual, product brochures, packaging, trade-shows stands, websites system, merchandising, institutional communication, world adv campaign and a lot more.


Recommended Listening
Working with Fire and Steel
(China Crisis - 1983)

Corporate Identity + Guidelines Manual

Keyline Visual Identity Samples
Keyline Business Cards
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Cover
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Spread 4
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Spread 5
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Spread 3
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Spread 2
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual Spread 1
Keyline Corporate Guidelines Manual 1

Product Brochures + Catalougues

Keyline Product Brochures 2
Keyline Product Brochures 4
Keyline Product Brochures 3
Keyline General Catalogues

Packaging + Merchandising

Keyline Packaging Items
Keyline Merchandising Items

ADV Campaign

Keyline ADV campaign 2
Keyline ADV campaign 1

Exhibition Stand + Environment Design

Keyline Exhibition Stand Design
Keyline Exhibition Stand Design 1
Keyline Exhibition Stand Design 3
Keyline Environment Design
Keyline Exhibition Environment Design 2

Web Site (2012-2018)

Keyline Website Redesign 3
Keyline Website Redesign 2
Keyline Website Redesign 6
Keyline Website Redesign 5
Keyline Website Redesign 1
Keyline Website Redesign 4
KU - Massimo Kunstler Secondary Logo


Selected Works

SW X SWPhotography



Morocco Road TripPhotography

Streets of RomaPhotography

Reflecting WindowsPhotography

Clues of AbsencePhotography

Foot LoosePhotography

KeylineBrand Design

Il Tallone del CavaliereEditorial Design

Derive ApprodiEditorial Design

I Do FlowersPhotography

Massimo Künstler
Art Direction + Photography


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