SW X SW (Southwest by Southwest) is a photographic series of selected pictures from my road trip through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California, namely The South West of United States of America. Hand held camera and 16:9 crop.

Tribute to Neil Young

The American Drive
Blowing harmonica on a Neil Young tune, along Monument Valley.

Blowing harmonica in Monument Valley

Monument Valley
"See the lonely boy out on the weekend..."
(Neil Young)

A hut in Monument Valley

The Hut
Another piece of American Dream, fallen apart.

Entering Utah by Monument Valley

Welcome to Utah
Life is elevated, mainly because it's a plateau.

Power Station 10 miles from Page

Page 10
A power station between page 9 and 11.
(Recently demolished)

Joshua trees in the Arizona Desert

Joshua Trees
Along an Arizona highway.

Nevada Desert Highway

The Bend
Along a secondary road in Nevada.
(Roads in the US are not always straight)

Life in the Arizona desert

The Country Residence
A substantial part of the American Dream.

Train in Arizona

Clouds and Train
Railroad beside a New Mexico highway.

Road lines in Zion National Park

Road Lines
Inside Zion National Park, Utah.

Yosemite National Park

The Eagle Flies
Over the super classic view of a smoky Yosemite Valley, California.

Getting ready to leave the car before facing the breathtaking view.

Grand Canyon
Getting ready to leave the car before facing the breathtaking view.

Grand Canyon at sunset with rain

South Rim
A hard rain's gonna fall.

South Rime of the Grand Canyon at sunset with Colorado river in the background

Sunset on Colorado River
One of those places you gotta be there to believe it's real.

Rainbow at Sunset

Sunset on Colorado River
This is the reward I received for staying until sunset, while enduring a lot of storms.

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