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How difficult is it when it comes to decide between who's in and who's out? Especially when they're your own "creatures".
Out of around 1.500 projects done, and in addition to my "selected projects", this section gathers the very few more jobs that made it through the time, for some good or bad reason. With all respect for the excluded ones, here are my survivor runner up heroes.


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Small Archive

Keyline SpA is an innovative, market leader, Italian company operating worldwide in the field of design and production of keys and key cutting machines

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One Hit Wonders
Art Direction / Graphic Design

In this section: the survivors' survivors.

1. VG-60 Yacht
Promotional folder for Yacht sales.

2. WFP Maps
Food Procurement Maps for World Food Prog.

3. Ritratti
Short film posters for fashion company adv.

4. Travelling Light
Leaflet for documentary about Lindsay Kemp.

5. Einaudi
Book Covers proposal for Stile Libero's series.

6. L'albero delle Pere
Movie Promotional Brochure.

7. Movie Posters
La Tregua - Ritratto di Signora.

8. FC Jewels
Brochure for jeweller.

Quadriennale di Roma
Web Direction + Development

Fondazione Quadriennale di Roma, on the occasion of their fifteenth Modern Art Exhibition, held at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in June '08, asked me to design the museum's Info-Points, to be achieved with touch screen technology.
They wanted a solution that was essential, easy to use, yet rich in content. I chose to use a 42" TV set, embedded in a structure designed for that purpose. Customer happy, satisfied visitors.

More Logos
Art Direction / Graphic Design

1. Borgo Piccolomini
Golf & Sporting Club in Rome

2. Albani Hotels
Hotels in Rome + Florence

3. Cascone
Helmet Cover Gadget

4. Cifaratti
High Fashion Shop

5. CoachUrself
Life Coaching Company

6. Produzioni Corsare
Indie Movie + TV Production

7. FlexCloud
Cloud Computing Solutions

8. Filippo La Mantia
Sicilian Celebrity Chef

9. I Do Flowers
Flower Designer

10-11. Le Bon Boulanger
Food Shop + Catering Service

12. Medir
Festival on Human Rights

13. Monteforte
Fashion Stylist

14. Perspectiva Nevskij
Youngsters Fashion Company

15. Rural Youth
Food + Agricolture Org Event

16. Thesys
Consulting + Services
Web Design + Development has been my official website from 2000 until 2013, going through four major redesign. Here's my last mksite, release 4, and also the last one of my Adobe Flash based sites. That was then, is now.

Bianchi 1770 group
Global Rebranding

The Group operates in the field of design and production for security experts (ie: automotive transponder key technology, key cutting machines, mechanisation applied to furnishings and plastic components.)

We redesigned the Group’s corporate identity and all of the controlled company's in an endorsed identity fashion, where different brands are visually connected to each other. Then we designed their corporate guidelines manual, websites system and institutional pieces.

Web Design + Development

Website for an Italian company that produces high fashion down jackets. The site, designed in 2006, is animated entirely in Flash and includes a large corporate section and five macro-sections for their various production lines. Each mini-site is designed in different styles, in line with the different collections.

Filippo La Mantia
Branding + Web Design

Celebrity chef Filippo La Mantia, on the occasion of the opening of his new restaurant inside the luxurious Hotel Majestic in Rome, he needed a brand new visual identity and website.

Holt Construction
Web Direction + Development

Holt is a huge and important construction company with detachments in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. They needed a new corporate website that was functional and manageable in-house. Done with Flash, plus CMS support for real-time updates.

Massimo Künstler - Creative Solutions Expert

KU - Massimo Kunstler Secondary Logo


Massimo Künstler
Art Direction + Photography


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