Independent graphic designer, art director and street photographer based in Rome. Working in the field of visual communication since the last millennium. Providing quality solutions for brands and individuals. My main skills are about designing brand & product identities - that are the basis of any effective communication - and creating content to boost your brand image and sales. Get in touch, I'll be happy to give you further infos.


Started off my free-lance career as graphic designer while still studying. A couple of years after graduation I moved to the States, LA, for one year of real world experience. Back in Rome, I launched my "Kunstler Studio”, pioneering the switch from analogue to digital. A few years later I needed to grow bigger and I started my own design company. As my new firm grew, I realised I was missing my beloved independence. So I gladly quit. And to celebrate my new found freedom, I launched my first personal website: MKsite.com, that stood out of the crowd. Once regained a steady going, I tried the teaching experience. That was 12 years at IED Rome. Now, with many years of both design and teaching experience I’m carrying on my free-lance business. Most happily.

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A fusion of seasoned professional knowledge and experience, stemming from many intense years in design and in teaching visual communication. Over 1.500 projects developed. An operating dimension of exploratory creativity. A wide range of clients. These are my most valuable professional credentials.

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Art Direction

I can offer a variety of services, both digital and analogue. From brand identity to publication design, from web design to poster design. From me to you with passion.
Your social media in my hands will shine. Have a look:
Hotel Majestic | I Do Flowers | Albani Firenze | Albani Roma

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I could say that I do graphic design with love, yet I love to do photography. Loving both anyhow.
As a photographer I have two personalities. Me, I do street and documentary photography, because I like to catch candid, unstaged, unexpected moments, as well as investigating human nature and behaviour. My alter ego does food + lifestyle shooting, for brands that need to improve their social media content quality. In both cases, we snap our photos with passion, and edit'em with care.
Drop us a line.

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Künstler in German means "artist". Being born with such a name is already a big responsibility. But that's nothing, really, if compared to how little did I know about the meaning of my nickname, which, by the way, is Kü. Until I found out...

, the fifth element in Japanese philosophy, represents those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. Bodily, kū represents spirit, thought, and creative energy. It represents our ability to think and to communicate, as well as our creativity. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.

A destiny or a conviction?

PS: Don't take me too seriously, I'm only kidding here.
(Even though the "Kū" meaning above is absolute truth)

Massimo Künstler - Creative Solutions Expert

I'm available for new projects, new ideas and new friends.
Get in touch with me here: 

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Massimo Künstler
Art Direction + Photography


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