Il Tallone del Cavaliere

Another theoretical and philosophical magazine that I designed in '94. It's the same argument made for Derive Approdi (previous project). For both assignments, I did not want any compensation, only requirement to editors: give me the ability to design independently, to express freewheeling and have fun. So it was.

Il Tallone del Cavaliere - Inside spread 1
Inside spread of Philosophical Publication
Il Tallone del Cavaliere - Inside spread 2
Il Tallone del Cavaliere - Inside spread 3
Inside spread of Philosophical Publication
Back Cover of Philosophical Publication Il Tallone del Cavaliere
Il Tallone del Cavaliere Front Cover
KU - Massimo Kunstler Secondary Logo


Selected Works

SW X SWPhotography



Clues of AbsencePhotography

Reflecting WindowsPhotography

Foot LoosePhotography

KeylineBrand Design

Morocco Road TripPhotography

Streets of RomaPhotography

Il Tallone del CavaliereEditorial Design

Derive ApprodiEditorial Design

I Do FlowersPhotography

Massimo Künstler
Art Direction + Photography


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