In addition to being a wonderful country, Cuba has the Cubans. As trivial as this statement may seem, I think that to understand this unique and mysterious place it is crucial to know its inhabitants. People who have everything on paper but that really have nothing in real life. If not the pride of being Cuban.
In this reportage I wanted to paint the ordinary cuban. The Cuban who is struggling everyday to get to tomorrow. You won't find any beautiful Lolitas here, nor the desperate faces of those who have lost everything, social assistance included.
Viva el pueblo de Cuba.


Recommended listening:
Chan Chan
(Buena Vista Social Club - 1997)

A whole lot of potatoes.
Two friends talking in the street
Beautiful young girl in Trinidad de cuba
Kid with a toy gun in the street
Action going on down the street of La Habana
Kids playing baseball in the streets of Trinidad de Cuba
Man playing trumpet for money
Man taking nap in his car
Accordion player and Mistery Man
Old woman scanning the garbage dumpster.
Old man in Havana
Old man in Trinidad de Cuba
A man on his balcony in Havana
Young habanero with his canned Mococa
Woman buying fruit in Camagüey, Cuba.
Woman in sweets shop
Little kid learning street life
People in a room from outside a window in Camagüey, Cuba.
Sneaking a view on a school class in Camagüey, Cuba.
Cuban friends
People from Havana
Hungry young kids in La Habana
Cuban vaquero in Trinida
Farmer riding on an ox driven jalopy
Cubans going to work on top of a truck
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