BNW in Roma

Roma is a city that sleeps.
Like a Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince Charming to kiss her.

With this black and white selection of pictures I meant to express the static nature of a city blocked by its own slumber.


Recommended listening:
(Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
ft. Norah Jones - 2011)

Silhouetted people busy with their phones.

Phone Mania
Tourists no longer look at the monuments. They photograph them.

Left side of a passerby

Slip Slidely Away
Right side of the Termini Railway Station building. And left side of a passerby.

Termini Railway Station Building

Marble Behive
Administrative office building. A typical example of regime aesthetics.

Buildings from the '30s in Garbatella, Rome.

It looks like a lost village in the country. It is a house in Garbatella, an area built in the 30's, with the purpose of housing labourers' families. Its location happened to be quite off the city centre then. Today it's only 10 minutes away from the heart of Rome. A real treasure for those who owns a house within that magnificent, old neighborhood.

A different view of Rome

Water Tank Tower
May seem a postcard from a distant time. Yet, it's today.

On a motorcycle

The Alleyway
Looks like a Medina of an Arab city. Indeed it's central Rome.

Triton sculpture in Piazza Barberini in Rome

The Triton
It's actually mono-tone.

Young girl taking notes in central Rome

Vacanze Romane
Immediately made me make the association with the famous movie "Vacanze Romane".

The girl's back

The Researcher
Probably she's looking for Pokemons.

The Kitchen

A Rushed Breakfast
This one is dedicated to the "Lifestyle/Beauty/Fashion" kind of people.

Man drinking beer and his shadow on the wall

The Chill Out

Chefs at work

The Sous-Chef
Sneaking into the kitchen of a 5-Star hotel it's a great achievement.
Until they kicked me out.

Old Roman Portrait

Kings of Rome
He must have been a sportsman.

The cotton candy man

Sugar Man
Meet the cotton candy man.

People at an exhibition

The Layout
People well laid out on a four column grid.
Taken at an exhibition.

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