Streets of Roma

This reportage is about glimpses of ordinary everyday life in my city. It's what I find when I walk down my streets. It's an ongoing collection of shots without an apparent common pattern. It's unplanned, unposed, unstaged, candid, hard-core.

I deliberately kept out of my framing the visual elements that make Rome immediately recognizable. In other words, you won't find any of the Roman world famous landmarks in here. But you'll breathe pure Roman air.

A final, personal note. Maybe because I'm Roman, but I never found it easy having to do with Rome, in all respects, shooting included. I imposed myself to start this project and to keep it open and ongoing. In the hope, one day, Rome and I will start getting along together better.

Recommended listening:
Arrivederci Roma
(Claudio Villa - 1955)

Old couple chilling out in a bar

Breakfast Club
Chilling out in a bar.

Two relaxed guys with graffiti monster creeping in the back.

Creeping Monster
I shot this one while visiting the Museum of Else and Elsewhere, in the suburbs of Rome. I didn't find anything that impressed me much in there. Until I saw this.
PS: the two guys are not part of the exhibition, and neither is the sofa.

Woman showing how to make fresh pasta for tagliatelle

Noodles Lesson
"Sorry Sir, no shooting at this time. And no time to have fun. I'm teaching her how to make fresh pasta for tagliatelle. Our way, I mean. And this is a very serious matter." That's what she told me.

Urban Jesus walking down the street

Urban Cowboy
I came across this urban Jesus. Don't know why he's carrying his umbrella on a blue sky day. Why is he clenching his fist? Or is he holding something?

Window reflection in via dei Condotti

The Planetary Window
Taken in Via dei Condotti, the most fashionable street in Rome.

Domon Ken exhibition

Tribute to Domon Ken
Looks like a poster, yet it's a photo. Taken at the Ara Pacis, where the exhibition was held.

Street party in the centre of Rome

Street Party
Shot in Via dei Fori Imperiali in occasion of the Roman Gay Pride.
Mostly I loved the galls' hairstyle.

Street artist drawing on a pavement in Rome.

A Black Comedy
The street artist represents the ego. His shadow is the ES. The bystander's shadow is the Super-Ego. And the silhouette on the box is the artist's trapped right brain creativity.

Rome is full of ups and downs

Roman Alleyways
Did you know Rome is full of ups and downs?
Literally and figuratively.

Room with a view in a reception center for refugees.

A Room with a View
"Welcome to the Grand Hotel, Sir. Enjoy your staying in our room with a view."
Taken in a reception center for refugees.

A perfumed promise

Not sure what kind of art is this about.

Homeless with a “Vote Trump” badge.

Trump for Tramps
An overseas American dream.

Old lady behind shop window

The Old Lady. And Me.
Behind and in front of a bar window.

Whwwl acrobatics in Piazza Navona

The Wheel
Wheel acrobatics in piazza Navona.

Quirk looking people

Mind the Guys
Some cool guys enjoying food and springtime in Rome.

Slow business for the shooting gallery guy

The Shooting Gallery Man
Slow business at the local funfair.

Garbatella, a peculiar neighbourhood in central Rome

Garbatella Style
This is Garbatella, a peculiar neighborhood in central Rome, originally conceived for workers housing, in the '30s, Now it's a hidden treasure, where time seems to stand still.

Girl getting into train

Trains & Shadows

Focus on glass of a train window.

Focus on Glass
Scratches and layers.

Down in an underground station

Underground Station

A girl mirrored in the Caffè Greco window

Reflected Girl
Taken at the Caffè Greco, an historic landmark which opened in 1760 on Via dei Condotti. It is the oldest bar in Rome.

Lonely woman

The Loner
Loner behind transparent plastic shield with glass of red wine and phone, looking at a stranger snatching a shot.

Latin lovers and girls in piazza Navona

Italians Do It Better
Snapped in Piazza Navona.

Bar people

Statuary Complex
A scene from a bar in Monti, in the centre of Rome.

Mystic of Art

The Mystic of Art
Shot in the Basilica of St. Stephen in the Round, on the Celian Hill.

Pier Paolo Pasolini carrying a dead himself in his arms in a work of great French street art pioneer Ernest Pignon.

Today I came across PPP*, who was carrying a dead himself in his arms.
This is, actually, a (vandalized) work of the great French street art pioneer Ernest Pignon.
*Pier Paolo Pasolini

Weird looking man

Mind your tuft, dude...

Tourists in Rome

Int'l Bellies Utd
"We came for your pasta."

Young guy doing skateboarding in Rome.


An arcade passageway in Rome


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