Clues of Absence

I had to collect something a friend had left for me in this house. A man opened the door. First thing he said: “Hi, do not mind the mess.”

I stepped in and looked around realising that’s a semi-abandoned house. A beautiful, huge apartment in a wealthy area of Rome, but its days of glory must have faded a long time since. Everything in there was scattered all over the places, but with a feel of controlled disorder.

My first thought was: I want to do some shooting here. Because I realised that taking pictures into that house would be very much like shooting in the street. Still, I needed some human presence for my photos.

And the tenant wouldn’t be my model. Fortunately he didn’t mind having me hanging around the flat and clicking. “But only five minutes” he said “I’m about to leave”.

I didn’t dare moving anything from its place, not even a shutter to let more light in. I wanted that place to look as candid as it was. As if nobody were there, not even the photographer, I mean.

And there I was, ready for my first and totally unplanned series, which I titled straight away: Clues of Absence.


Recommended listening:
House with No Door
(Van Der Graaf Generator, 1970)

Clues of Absence 1
Picture from Clues of Absence series.
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